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It’s All About You, Finally!

"This...this: 'I arrive dressed in black, perhaps a little 'bland' because the session is about you, and how I can encourage and support YOU; it's not about me.' Who does that anymore!!? And she delivered! Every moment we were together, I felt that attention. I gained a lot of little tips, but most importantly, I had a big "Aha!" moment: I was not valuing time I spent on myself, in the quality of products I used, and even from where I sourced those products. Natalia was the light to help me see this. Thank you, Natalia, and I hope you continue to do the same for everyone who goes after me."
Karri Godec

The Introduction

Learn the fundamentals of makeup with our "How to Build a House" overview. This session covers the whys so you can master the hows with ease.

Part 2 - Level Up

Once you master the fundamentals, we can Glow Up from there with specific techniques based on the many ways you show up in life.

Let's Party!

Want to host the Glow? This experience is perfect for up to 6 guests in the private space. Learn new tricks specific to your party's needs.

“I gained a lot of little tips, but most importantly, I had a big ‘Aha!’ moment: I was not valuing myself…”

– Karri Godec

The Introductory Process

Inquire to Reserve Your Session(s)
Reserve Your Time with a Signed Intent of Engagement and Deposit
Complete the Curate Your Look Glowfessional
Collaboratively Curate Your Look
Execute Your Look

Each Introductory Lesson Includes:

– A 90 Minute In-Person Lesson

– A Personalized Color Analysis

– A Review of Your Current Skincare Routine

– A Curated Look That Honors Your Tonality, Features and Personality

– Access to a Product Recommendations List for Shopping on Your Own

– Prep Documents Specific to Your Lesson(s) and Needs

Ready to Glow? Inquire Below!