The New Direction of Makeup ARTistry:

Authenticity Requires Truth

Let's Glow On a Journey!

After 11 years of providing professional makeup artistry for special events, professional photography, film and the stage, it’s time to begin approaching things differently. Over the years, I listened as clients shared their inner struggles, obstacles and triumphs and encouraged them to take it all in stride.Β 

I used color to tell the stories of who they are, where they’ve been and who they envisioned themselves becoming. Through makeup artistry, I helped clients take on the energy they desired to feel.

The experiences then progressed to showing clients how to wield power of makeup through private makeup lessons in the comfort of their home.

Self-discovery has always been a passion of mine and I encouraged clients to have a newfound appreciation for their unique features, tonality and personality with each session.

Imagine learning the flush in your cheeks can be used as blush or the hyperpigmentation around your eyes can make achieving a smokey eye that much easier. Viewing makeup as a tool to communicate with others versus a means to mask your uniqueness can be a healing practice in itself. 

How we present ourselves to the world can Glow beyond makeup and hair and include things like our wardrobe, signature scent and body language. Because of this, our website is currently in the midst of a rebrand to make space for the next level of ARTistry – Image Curation.  

If I were to ask “Who are you?” what would your response be? The question appears simple enough, but I am often met with responses that tell me what a person does, not who they are. 

With this next level of ARTistry, we will dive deep into the many layers of you to ensure the way you present aligns with who you truly are – outside of the many hats you wear. 

Authenticity Requires Truth and I am so excited to begin Glowing on these new journeys with you!