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Natalia is a licensed esthetician and professional makeup ARTist with a passion for living life authentically and full of color. As an advocate for truth in expression, Natalia takes pleasure in using color to express who her clients are beyond the hats they wear.

Her holistic approach to beauty encourages self-reflection, discovery and care. She supports her clients in taking up space through ARTistry, private lessons and ARTistry development. Learn more about Natalia’s process by clicking the link below.



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An ARTistic, yet practical approach to beauty

How Can Natalia Support Your Glow Up?

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Kind Words Shared

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Energetically aligned. Intuitive. Caring. Gentle. Brilliant. These are a few of the many words I would use to describe Natalia. For a day, I wasn't the one making all the decisions. I allowed Natalia to intuitively paint on a canvas (my face) to express my beauty through her eyes. Thank you, Love, for a wonderful, relaxing time.

Sarah Sparks

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Tampa Makeup Artist

I've had the pleasure of working with Natalia on multiple occasions for a variety of photo shoots and I absolutely adore her! Not only is she magical with the brushes, but she has the most genuine soul. She makes you feel so pretty and confident and her energy just lights up the room! Super gentle when applying makeup and really professional!

Jalissa Harris


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Natalia is an amazing makeup ARTIST! She believes in making her clients look like their authentic selves! I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup and she was able to translate that perfectly for my pictures. My skin looked radiant and flawless when she was done. It lasted for over 8 hours too. She also did my hair in less than 20 minutes even though that wasn’t part of our original plan, but she managed to make it look effortless as well.  I love her work! I will definitely use her again.

Cecilia Lamardo

Cecilia Lamardo Realty Group

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Natalia was hands down the BEST wedding decision I made (besides my husband). I mean this with the most sincerity in all of my heart. I would say it on a lie detector + under oath. Cross my heart. Beyond the artist in Natalia is a kind, calm, and collected woman who stayed by my side the entire day keeping me calm, reminding me to drink water, helping me breathe through my anxiety, and encouraging me to live in the moment. She is a forever friend, and words do not do her work justice.

Celina Baldwin

Glow Bride